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Quinn Fabray

More more Lucy Caboosey...

12 January
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Lucy Quinn Fabray is 17 years old and goes to William McKinley High School. She is daughter of Russel and Judy Fabray and sister of Frannie Fabray. She has a baby daughter named Beth, born to her and Noah Puckerman in the episode Journey. Quinn was known for her popularity as the head cheerleader of the Cheerios and then again got more attention when she was pregnant. She originally auditioned for Glee Club because she felt she was loosing Finn to Rachel, and with Santana and Brittany, whom she auditioned with, becomes part of Sue's plot to destroy the club from the inside.

Quinn ("Lucy") went to Belleville Middle School, going by her first name, Lucy. She was chubby, had acne, and naturally had auburn hair. Because of her weight, she gained the nickname "Lucy Caboosey." In high school, she wanted to get back at everyone by being rude. She picked up ballet, discovered her enjoyment in athleticism, and joined gymnastics, as well as cheerleading. When her father got a raise, she asked to get a nose job and she got one. She dyed her hair sandy blonde when she found out she was moving to Lima, Ohio, just as another measure. Also, she asked her parents call her "Quinn" instead of "Lucy".

Quinn's personal history and her previous look was revealed by Lauren Zizes towards the end of her Junior year, much to Quinn's horror.

From Quinn's Wiki

NOTE: "Quick", "Fabang" and "Quartie" are my only ships. I don't ship "Fabrevans". Sorry. I found that whole ship contrived and the key to what caused Quinn to about-face in her admirable strive for independence. Couldn't write it for the life of me.

BACK WITH BAGGAGE VERSE // backwithbaggage

Quinn's decision to go to the reunion hadn't come easily. Like most, she wasn't going to go. Really wasn't going to go, but she had a renewed sense of life being far too short lately, so she had bitten the proverbial bullet and went. Though, she went in trusting no one and determined to keep people at arm's length until she had the time to rebuild that trust and know who really could still be her friend after all the passed years. So, basically, she lied to protect information that she would only ever share with those who could be trusted with it. If she wasn't in the position she was in, she might feel guilty, but constructing cover stories was part of her job and it came so easily. Perfect little job in Columbus, occasionally seeing Beth, basically what she assumed everyone would want to hear and not question her too much and it did work, thank god. Thank god she lied, because once she discovered the mess Puck had gotten himself in, she realised it was better he didn't know the truth anyway.

In reality, Quinn worked as a Special Agent with the FBI specialising in Crimes Against Children, based in Washington DC, and at the time of the reunion was undercover and based in Chicago on a case. It would be something not a single person from McKinley would have expected her to get into, but it probably just indicated how narrow-minded people could be sometimes. Sure, the cute little successful Real Estate Agent worked as a good ruse and had done her proud for a cover story many times. It was probably what she would have ended up doing if she stayed in Lima, but she had escaped to New York as soon as school was out and from there on, she set her career bar high and succeeded every step of the way. But her life has been a tough and lonely one. Married to her work, the first person she truly fell in love with was her FBI partner of four years and just as they confessed their feelings for each other, he was shot in the line of duty and killed. Ever since then, Quinn has been convinced of what she suspected all along... she's a jinx with love, and not sure she ever wants to risk trying again.

SLIDING MOMENTS VERSE // slidingmoments

Quinn was always the Queen Bitch of McKinley High until the time came that she was willing to share the crown with Kurt Hummel. She was the Captain of the Cheerios and dating the quarterback, Finn Hudson. She was popular and loving it, and even though she was the picture of perfect little Christian virgin, she was far from that. In sophomore year, she started to see Finn's football team mate, Mike Chang, behind his back but she figured it was payback for him making gooey eyes constantly at Rachel Berry. She never regretted anything and she continued to see Mike in secret for many months moonlighting on her relationship with Finn, and eventually gave up her V-card to Mike one night when his parents were out at a business dinner. She fell hard for Mike and eventually dumped Finn for him early in Junior year when Finn turned into the resident douchebag after Rachel apparently got herself stupidly knocked up by resident dickhead and self-professed BAMF, Noah Puckerman. She and Mike hooked up and became the school's power couple whilst Finn turned bad-boy and ended up in juvie for decking Karofsky when he was bullying Kurt... something Quinn actually admired him for, because how dare anyone hurt the fag to her hag!

Which was a whole other story in itself. Quinn knew that her friendship with Kurt was founded on deceit and blackmail, but once they got close, she discovered that instead of picking on him, she wanted to be his friend and he was an amazing person. She hadn't understood the concept of being homosexual, which is why she slotted into the mindset of those around her, driven by the influence of her pristinely Christian parents. He helped open her eyes and soon she would defend his honour to anyone who tried to hurt him because of his sexuality. She never knew how badly the bully got, though. Kurt was always good at hiding things and being unreadable, but she did know about his eating disorder. She was aware she should try to help him with it, but she also know what it was like to have secrets. She resolved to keep his if he kept hers, and still protected them with her life even after she and Mike went public.

When Miss Holliday came into the picture, Quinn couldn't be more relieved as she witnessed Kurt's problem peak and he started to look more and more ill with it. Holly's intervention was perfectly timed, even if her fellow Cheerios Co-Captain still continued to battle with it.

Quinn found herself torn when Kurt got accepted to a college in Miami and planned to move there with Holly. By that time, Quinn wasn't sure if she could live without the guy who had fast become her best friend. She got accepted into Yale's Humanities program as pre-law and nearly threw it in to chase Kurt to Miami, but when Mike also got accepted into Yale with pre-med, Kurt convinced her to follow her heart so he could live vicariously through her and she did. A year later on the completion of their first year at college, Mike popped the question and Quinn happily accepted. They found, though, that when they both kept putting off their wedding plans that maybe they weren't as ready as they thought.

Quinn applied to Law School at the University of Miami when she dearly missed Kurt, and was accepted there. Mike's choice to follow her was easy and he got accepted to Med School at the same college, but once they got to Miami and thrown into their respective college courses, their relationship started to wane. They fought as much as they could, but decided mutually to call it quits to save their friendship rather than have it crash and burn. They're now close friends, and even though they miss the intimacy, they know they made the right choice at the end of the day.

ETRE LIBRE RPG // etrelibre_rpg

At the game re-launch, Quinn is basically an island veteran. She arrived there when she was 16 after giving birth to her daughter and giving her up for adoption. It was the hardest thing Quinn had to see in her life, and the moment after she handed Beth over to Shelby (Glee episode 1x22 "Journey to Regionals"), Quinn found herself abruptly on a tropical island and very, very alone. But she adjusted, and she is now 25 and the CEO of the Resort after working there as receptionist from the year she arrived. She was never more relieved when she discovered Kurt on the island two years prior, and they are now best friends and share a bungalow together.

Quinn's five arrival items are:
- A framed picture of Beth at her birth
- A giant hippo she won at a carnival with Mercedes
- Her ballerina music box
- Diamond necklace she received for her Sweet 16
- Her favourite Manola Blahniks

GLEE AT HOGWARTS RPG // gleeathogwarts

Glee meets Harry Potter, an AU Glee verse. Quinn is epitome of rich girl Slytherin in this verse but has broken the mould by becoming Slytherin's first female Seeker and Quidditch Captain. She has her sweet moments, most certainly, but she is a natrual-born Slytherin Pureblood who loves pretty things and being the best.

Over her years at Hogwarts, she has caught the eye of fellow Slytherin, Noah Puckerman, though now in their Seventh year, she has still managed to keep him at arm's length. So sue her, she adores being pursued and as far as she's concerned, he's not good enough for her anyway... or is he?

CANON VERSE // canon verse, non-game

Anything regarding Quinn's canon verse will be posted to her journal under this tag. Relates to all canon events from any season and may be prompts, memes or free-form RP. Always happy to interact with other Glee canon muses! :)


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